Saturday, February 15, 2014

Excavation Season Begins, with a small hiccup

First, a note about these blog and facebook posts. While last year I did the blogging and facebooking while in Egypt, this year it was decided that due to security concerns we didn't want to advertise so heavily what we were doing and where we were while in Egypt. So, I wrote about things as they happened, but I am posting these a month later, and am dating them to the actual day they happened.

The season started off in a weird way. Lincoln Blumell and I (Kerry Muhlestein) went to the airport together.All went well until I got to the line to check in. It turns out that Egypt has changed its rules and you can’t enter the country if your passport expires less than six months after you leave the country. As a result, Delta would not let me on the plane. It did not seem real to begin with, but it was indeed real. I got Lincoln and had him get everyone who was already at the gate. I gave them money, paperwork, and all sorts of stuff. Then I sent them off to dig in Egypt. I worked to get my flight changed, and then caught the train home.

It was a funny feeling. It should have felt like a disaster, but instead I felt pretty calm about it. In some ways it was a liberating feeling. I knew I could not get a new passport until Tuesday because Monday is a holiday and no government offices will be open. Yet it was a peaceful feeling. In some ways it was a liberating feeling. I suddenly had a whole bunch of days with no plans at all and just a lot of time to spend with my family. It was wonderful in its own way. And so I did, I spent a lot of time with my family today. I will stay up all night the next few nights with my phone and computer running so that I can be in touch with the gang as they try to get things going. I am also trying to get in touch with the SCA to let them know of the problem and try to work things out with them. Undoubtedly all will work out.

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